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IACP Alzheimer’s Initiative Aims to Protect Special Population

Phil Pulaski

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Phil Pulaski has 36 years of law enforcement experience including more than 33 years with the New York City Police Department where he was commanding officer of numerous large commands including the Intelligence Division, Counterterrorism Bureau, FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force, Manhattan Detective Division, Bronx Detective Division, Special Investigations Division and Forensic Investigations Division. He also served as a Managing Attorney in the Legal Bureau, a captain in Internal Affairs Bureau and commanding officer of the Arson/Explosion Squad. Phil Pulaski retired from the NYPD in March 2014 after serving as Chief of Detectives for more than 4 years. During 2013, his detectives investigated more than 256,000 felony and misdemeanor crimes and arrested more than 39,000 offenders. Additionally, Phil Pulaski maintained membership in law enforcement organizations such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

The world’s largest association of police leaders, the IACP strives to enhance police leadership and improve community safety. Among the IACP’s programs is an Alzheimer’s initiative that helps law-enforcement officials more effectively protect and serve individuals living with the condition. An interactive map provides state-specific information about systems that notify the public of missing persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s, as well as links to specific programs and resources available in each state.
By 2050, a projected 20 million Americans will be living with Alzheimer’s. The IACP Alzheimer’s Initiative also teaches first responders targeted skills to help them better protect this vulnerable population.